Florianopolis will be very busy during the X-meeting.  We suggest you make hotel arrangements as soon as possible.

For tickets and hotel arrangements we recommend Fácil Turismo

Phone/FAX: +55-48-3025-1900
Mobile: +55-48-9935-8151

E-mail: mario@reservahoteis.com.br / facilturismo@reservahoteis.com.br
MSN: mariofloripasc@hotmail.com

Hotel suggestions (available until August 25th)

Bristol Castelmar
> Apt SGL Standard: R$ 125,00
> Apt DBL Standard: R$ 152,00
> Apt TPL Standard: R$ 178,00
> Tax: 2,5% ISS
> Breakfast included

Plaza Baía Norte Palace
> Apto SGL Standard: R$ 179,00
> Apto DBL Standard: R$ 199,00
> Apto TPL Standard: R$ 239,00
> Tax: 2,5% ISS
> Breakfast included

Transportation From and to the airport
Contact Connect Tur eduardo@connecttur.com.br