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Obtaining a Visa to Brazil

Delegates should take a moment to review the requirements for the necessary travel documents required for entry to Brazil for their specific nationality. Not all visitors to Brazil require a visa.

United State citizens can find information at:

Visa eligibilities:

Registered delegates to ISMB can request an official letter to support visa applications for entry to Brazil.

BRAZIL - *Passport with minimum validity of six months and visa required. Tourist visas are issued within two business days if applicant submits application in person. Visas are valid for multiple entries within 5 years for a period to be determined by the consular officer, for stays of up to 90 days renewable for the same length of stay by the Brazilian Federal Police. First entry into Brazil must be within 90 days of visa issuance. Visa requires 1 application form, 1 passport size photo, and proof of onward/return transportation. Yellow fever vaccination certificate required. Children ages 3 months to 6 years require an international polio vaccination certificate. Minors under the age of 18, if not traveling with both parents, must provide notarized letter of consent signed by the non-accompanying parent(s) or guardian authorizing the consulate to issue a visa. There is a processing fee of $100 for tourists. Additional $10 fee for applications sent by mail, or by anyone other than applicant. Provide SASE for return of passport by mail. For information about traveling with [Brazilian] minors or other types of visas, contact the Brazilian Embassy (Consular Section), 3009 Whitehaven St. NW, Washington, DC 20008 (202/238-2828) or nearest Consulate: CA (323-651-2664 or 415-981-8170), FL (305-285-6200), IL (312-464-0244), MA (617-542-4000), NY (917-777-7777) or TX (713-961-3063). Internet:

*Some countries require that your U.S. passport be valid at least six months or longer beyond the dates of your trip. Check with the Embassy or Consulate of the country you plan to visit for their requirements.

Information on Traveler’s Health can be found at:


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