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Ana Paula Valente
Structure and function relationship: The case of defensins and
[download .pdf]
Bruno Sobral
Transdisciplinary Systems Biology. [download .pdf]
Carlos Alberto de Bragança Pereira
Tag-customized Critical Levels for Differential Expression Testing.
[download .pdf]
Chuck S. Farah
Functional Surprises from the Structures of s ome Xanthomonas Proteins. [download .pdf]
Igor Polikarpov
What do structural studies tell us about protein function?
[download .pdf]
Jessica Kissinger
Data Integration: The Challenge (and Beauty) of Working in an “Omics World”. [download .pdf]
Max Alekseyev
Genome Rearrangements: from Biological Problems to Combinatorial Algorithms (and back). [download .pdf]
Michael Biehl 
Learning Vector Quantization and Relevance Learning:recent extensions and example applications in bioinformatics and medicine. [download .pdf]
Olaf Kaiser
The Genome Sequencer FLXTM Software - A complete solution for sequencing, de novo assembly, reference mapping, and amplicon variant analysis.
[download .pdf]
Olga Troyanskaya
Digging in the data: computational functional genomics in yeast and mammals.
[download .pdf]
Rodrigo Panepucci Identifying transcriptional regulatory mechanisms on stem cells using large scale gene expression profiling. [download .pdf]
Ronaldo F. Hashimoto Cell-Cycle Process and Regulatory Power of Canalizing Genes Modeled by Context-Sensitive Probabilistic Boolean Networks. [download .pdf]
Roney S. Coimbra Text mining and Conceptual Biology. [download .pdf]
Yongming A. Sun
Challenges in the bioinformatics analysis of next-generation, highthroughput sequencing data and its applications.
[download .pdf]

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